Borders Closes…I Save

I know it should make me sad that Borders, one of the largest book retailers in the country, is going out of business.  I know that it implies a lot of distressing things… Continue reading

Progress At Last!

I read recently that summertime is not the best time for querying agents, as the publishing industry tends to operate on a school-type schedule (i.e., off June through August).  This is because many… Continue reading

Applying the Ass to the Chair: Dorothy Parker’s Writing Philosophy

I was initially drawn to Dorothy Parker because of a T-shirt.  I bought it in Charleston, SC on either my 18th or 19th birthday, and it was dark orange and said, in circus-poster… Continue reading

The Ever-Loving Query Letter

Since I have spent so much time working on the damned thing, I feel like it’s only appropriate to post my query letter here.  I spent as much time and thought on it… Continue reading