Back It Up!!

Well, readers, I have returned, if ever so temporarily, from my unintentional hiatus to tell why I have disappeared: a few weeks ago, in the middle of a heated spell of writing, my… Continue reading

On Writing: Truman Capote V. Jack Kerouac

Ah, November:  when fall changes to winter and families gather to glut themselves on buttery deliciousness.  November also happens to be National Novel Writing Month.  As I have in years past, I started… Continue reading

Beer Money

I spent the early afternoon listening to Terri Gross interview Colson Whitehead on “Fresh Air.”  Whitehead, in speaking of his early years trying to make a living as a writer, said something to… Continue reading

The Whole Vampire Thing

Okay, guys.  It’s confession time: I read Twilight.  Not only did I read Twilight, but I also read New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I’m not proud.  My little sister was about… Continue reading

Have You Tried This Reading Thing?

No, really.  Have you tried this reading thing?  It’s great.  Really great.  I spent most of the last week reading the Hunger Games (this includes a lot of the time I was at… Continue reading

The First Cut Is the Deepest

Well, folks, I heard back from that agent who requested pages from me. I would love for this to be one of those first-time-around, kismetic success stories, but alas, it is exactly the… Continue reading

The Ever-Loving Query Letter, Revised

After I posted my original query letter, I had a feeling of embarrassment about it.  I kind of didn’t want people to read it, and I thought that was weird, since it’s supposed… Continue reading

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”: Ernest Hemingway’s Writing Philosophy

Ernest Hemingway was famous for two things: writing and drinking.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that his writing philosophy combines the two great constants in his life.  It’s definitely no surprise to anyone… Continue reading

Writing is Fun

I am working on a new short story.  I started writing it (or outlining it, I guess) before I finished editing my novel, but I was distracted.  Editing is sort of the opposite… Continue reading


Ah, dear readers, today I am truly content.  Because today — only moments ago, in fact, I finished the final draft of my novel. Yes, I am aware that I have made this… Continue reading