You Are What You Read, Part II: What Are You Reading For?

Everybody picks the books they read for some reason. They are looking for something out of their reading material that life hasn’t given them.  An escape from harsh realities, new insight on a… Continue reading

The Pollyanna Game

Have you ever seen the movie “Pollyanna?” If you’re my age (late 20’s) or older, my guess is that you have.  But if you’re much younger than me, I’m guessing that you probably… Continue reading

You Are What You Read, Part I: The High School Years

When I was in high school, I had very strong ideas about what made something good.  This is not, I suppose, an uncommon trait to find in teenagers, but I was particularly militant… Continue reading

Writing For Yourself

As many of you have probably heard already, the great children’s book writer Maurice Sendak died today.  While not entirely unexpected (he was 83 and had been in poor health for quite a… Continue reading

The Magic of the Coffee Shop

I don’t know if this is the case for most coffee drinkers, but I can remember the exact week when coffee became a centerpiece of my life.  More importantly, it became a centerpiece… Continue reading

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

When I tell people I’m a writer, there are three questions they usually ask, which I will list in order from least annoying to most: 1) What do you write? This question is… Continue reading

The Years of Busting Ass

A few months back, I was feeling pretty rotten.  I was frustrated with the lack of interest in my novel, worried that I had chosen the wrong path when I decided to focus… Continue reading

Daydream Believer

I did not win the lottery, I am sorry to say.  Normally, this would not have surprised me, since up until Tuesday I had never even purchased a lottery ticket before.  But when… Continue reading

To Lie or Not To Lie?

A few months ago I waited on some current students from my old high school.  Those of you who know me know that I went to an arts high school, and therefore spent… Continue reading

Book People

One of the best things about my day job is the variety of people I come across every day.  I wait on cops (the Dekalb County SWAT team are some of my favorite… Continue reading