“I was excited…”

“I was excited; I read it over and saw that there was a yawning void in it. There was no plot, no action, nothing save atmosphere and longing and death. But I had… Continue reading

Words Matter

I was talking to an acquaintance (white) recently and he dropped the N-bomb. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard him say it, but it was the first time I said something about… Continue reading

Short Cat-tention Span

Here’s the trouble with working from home: Seriously.  He is way too cute.  I cannot focus. There’s that, and then there are the following secondary distractions: dirty dishes, laundry to put away, litterbox… Continue reading

Giving Doubt the Finger

I want to write.  I want that to be my career.  It’s the only career I really want.  But I am so afraid that it’s not going to work out.  That I’m not… Continue reading

The Truth, Or Something Like It

I was pretty surprised last night when I read about the latest scandal to rock the world of journalism (is this appropriate language? does the journalism world really get rocked?).  Apparently, Jonah Lehrer,… Continue reading

Researching…For The Win!

One of the most interesting parts of writing my new book the slow, outline-y way is that I get to spend a lot of time in the lead-up doing research.  I guess maybe… Continue reading

Independence Day: A Study In Plot Holes, And Why They Don’t Always Matter

If you read this blog regularly, you have probably noticed that I have a love for all things Will Smith.  He is one of the few actors whose movies I will always go… Continue reading

Making It Happen

Perhaps it is an indication of how deluded I am, but I am sure you have all been wondering what became of me the last week or so. The answer? I went on… Continue reading

Reading Together

One of my very good friends had her first baby last week, and when I think about my hopes for her motherhood, and for her daughter’s childhood, my greatest hope is that they… Continue reading

Procrastination Station

I think of procrastination as sort of being like a long layover.  You are supposed to be on the way to someplace really great, but really you are just sitting in an uncomfortable… Continue reading