“When my friend …”

“When my friend Kessler, the former bank clerk, was a child in a Catholic village in Württemburg, a Jewish peddler came to his village once a month. The peddler transacted all the villagers’… Continue reading

“He asked me whether…”

“He asked me whether I had known anybody connected with the West Coast deportations [of Japanese-Americans during WWII]. When I said, ‘No,’ he asked me what I had done about it. When I… Continue reading

“Where the community…”

“Where the community feels and thinks — or at least talks and acts — pretty much one way, to say or do differently means a kind of internal exile that most people find… Continue reading

A Father’s Story: A Review

When I was a little kid, serial killers seemed to be in the news all the time.  There was the murder spree and bizarre trial of the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez.  There was… Continue reading

When Women Were Birds: A Review

When Women Were Birds is the memoir of Terry Tempest Williams’ journey in becoming a writer.  It is also the story of her search for meaning in her dead mother’s last bequest: row… Continue reading

“To write requires…”

“To write requires an ego, a belief that what you say matters. Writing also requires an aching curiosity leading you to discover, uncover, what is gnawing at your bones. Words have a weight… Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice: Why I Prefer Zombies to the Original

Today is, apparently, the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.  I know this not because I am among the legions of adoring Jane Austen devotees, but because I am surrounded… Continue reading

“I spent hours…”

“…I spent hours and days pounding out disconnected sentences for the sheer love of words… “My purpose was to capture a physical state or movement that carried a strong subjective impression, an accomplishment… Continue reading

In the Lake of the Woods – A Review

Book three for this year was Tim O’Brien’s excellent novel In the Lake of the Woods. Troubled Vietnam vet John Wade and his wife Kathy retreat to a remote cabin in the woods… Continue reading

Gone Girl: A Review

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is about a married couple. When the wife, Amy, goes missing on their fifth anniversary, suspicion falls on her husband, Nick, who insists that he had nothing to do… Continue reading