I’m baaaaack!

Businesswoman throwing papers in office --- Image by © SuperStock/Corbis

It’s been, I think, about three years since my last post. Three busy, productive, and difficult years. Looking back over the old entries of this blog, I marvel over how different I was three years ago: how different my life was, how different my mindset was, how different my writing was.

Three years ago I was depressed, artistically frustrated, lonely. This blog was, I think, an attempt to connect with other writers, other readers. It was my way of asking, “Is there anyone else like me out there?” I didn’t have anyone with whom I could talk about my work, or gush about what I was reading, or work out the things I was obsessing over. I had lots of people around me, people I loved and who loved me, but nobody who really got where I was coming from as an artist. So this blog became a sort of Hail Mary pass into the endless void of the Internet. It was an imaginary tea party with like-minded people.

So what happened?

I went back to school. I started work on my PhD in creative writing, and I met real like-minded people. I met people who wanted to hear me talk about my work, and who wanted to talk to me about theirs. I met people who had read and loved all of the same books that I had read and loved. I met people who were trying to be writers too, who were struggling with all of the things that I was struggling with, who encouraged me to keep at it and listened to me when I encouraged them.

I started teaching writing, too. I started work at not one, but two literary journals. I attended graduate classes and worked way harder than I had to and learned amazing and exciting things about writing and literature and humanity. I got a dog.

I wrote. A lot.

Except I didn’t have time to write a blog, not on top of everything else I was doing. But now, I have finished my course work (although my graduation date is still far enough in the future that I’m not going to give it here, for fear of jinxing myself), and I’m seeing what some people think of as free time but what I have come to think of as time I could be writing something (anything! a blog, even!).

So here I am. I hope that I’ll have something at least vaguely interesting to say to whoever is still interested in reading. I hope that I can help someone else feel less alone in their artistic life, that I can be  encouraging and maybe enlightening, and if not either one of those things at least entertaining.

Anyway, here I am!