Yeah, It’s Another “Merry Christmas” Post…Deal With It

I am very often a cynic.  You may have noticed this.  I tend to dislike that which is mushy, popular, or — worst of all sins — both mushy and popular.  And when I do like mushy and/or popular things, it is begrudgingly.

So imagine my surprise at being excited about Christmas this year.  And not begrudgingly excited, but genuinely excited.


There could be a few explanations for this phenomenon.  It could be that, for the first time in four years or so, my entire immediate family will be together.  This means mom, dad, little brother, and little sister.


It could be that, in addition to my immediate family, Christmas this year will also include (for the first time ever) my awesome boyfriend of almost four years and my beautiful, brand-new sister-in-law.

It could be that Christmas this year marks the end of a particularly difficult and stressful year, and that I have a lot of hope that next year will be better.

It could be the exceedingly long list of books that I asked for.

Yes.  Just...yes.

Yes. Just…yes.

Or maybe it’s this:

Whatever the reason, I am too happy and thankful for my awesome family to be very cranky today.


Scrooged no more.