Short Cat-tention Span

Here’s the trouble with working from home:

Warning: This cat’s adorable face and need for attention will bring all of your hard work to a screeching halt.

Seriously.  He is way too cute.  I cannot focus.

There’s that, and then there are the following secondary distractions: dirty dishes, laundry to put away, litterbox to clean out, delicious restaurants that deliver, Netflix, friends and their babies, NPR, a fridge to scrub, a sink to unclog…I could go on.

So how do I stay focused?  How do I work for long stretches without falling into the vortex that is Facebook?  I’ve been the poster child for ADD/ADHD for as long as I can remember.

I am open to suggestions.  Anyplace that is squishy, fluffy, jingle-bell-wearing cat-free is preferred.