Writing is Fun

Writing is fun!

I am working on a new short story.  I started writing it (or outlining it, I guess) before I finished editing my novel, but I was distracted.  Editing is sort of the opposite of writing.  It’s all about restraint and a critical eye (I am working on another blog post about this very subject, so look for that soon).  Writing is about letting yourself go, openness and appreciation for every idea that flits through your mind.

Which is why I am so excited now.  When I was editing, I was frustrated.  My creative instincts felt stifled, and I had to force myself to keep going.  But now I remember why I love this job.  It’s letting my imagination go nuts, creating something totally new, something that came out of my brain, through my hand, onto the page (or the screen).  It didn’t exist before, and now it does, solely because of me.  I made it, and only I could have made it.

And that is exciting.