Borders Closes…I Save

It strikes both fear and joy into my heart.

I know it should make me sad that Borders, one of the largest book retailers in the country, is going out of business.  I know that it implies a lot of distressing things about the state of literature in our society.  I know that it suggests even further that the paper book is going the way of the dodo.  I know that it means that the closest bookstore to my house will soon be gone, and my boyfriend and I will have to find someplace else to hang out on Saturday afternoons.

But part of me was thrilled — THRILLED!!! — to walk into the bookstore today and see it full of patrons.  It was more full than I have ever seen it outside of the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I saw one lady walk out with a shopping cart full of books.  Full.  We’re talking, top and bottom and baby seat full of books.  I nudged my friend Chrissie (who was good enough to accompany me on the outing, despite having just stepped off a plane from India).  “Look at all the books!” I squealed.  “In my greatest dreams, I could buy that many books.”

I did, in fact, manage to purchase one book, despite the meager wages I eke out as a waitress while I wait for that big three-book deal.  And you know why I could buy said book?  20% off all fiction.  Because Borders is closing.

So yes, I know that in the very near future, I will lament (and lament deeply) the loss of what was a truly wonderful place to hang out.  But for now, I’m just looking forward to cracking open Swamplandia!